Gallery: UNC Charlotte’s 44th International Festival – 09.21.2019 – The Performance Scene

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is one of the most internationally diverse universities in the state of North Carolina, alongside the North Carolina State University. To celebrate this diversity and to unify us all together, UNC Charlotte organizes an annual international festival (IFest) every fall semester. 2019 is the 44th year in this tradition, where different cultures from all around the world get together on one stage and give a candid glimpse of their exquisite cultures.

At UNC Charlotte, our international community is formed by students & alumni of 50+ countries (that I know of, surely there’s more). A majority of them partake in various national student organizations and the International Festival at UNCC presents us with a golden opportunity to present our cultures to this stage seen by a vastly diverse global audience.

The Sequence of Performances

Alongside having stalls featuring the culture of each country participating in the event, IFest also features several dance performances in sessions organized in the course of the event. This year, there were two sessions organized, with a total of 15 different dance performances, mentioned below. A special thanks to the Office of International Programs at UNC Charlotte for providing me with the list of performances.

  • 12:00 PM Session
    • Club de Español – El Salvador
    • Little Lotus Company – China
    • Rikudey Charlotte Israeli Dance – Israel
    • Nataraj – India
    • Iranian Student Organization – Iran
    • Dance Dynamic- India
  • 03:45 PM Session
    • Classical Folk Dance – India
    • Iranian Student Organization – Iran
    • Charlotte Arirang – South Korea
    • Rikudey Charlotte Israeli Dance – Israel
    • SocaFit USA™ – Caribbean Culture
    • Armenian Cultural Association of the Carolinas – Armenia
    • Ekush – Bangladeshi Student Organization at UNCC – Bangladesh
    • Palestinian Cultural Organization – Palestine
    • Triveni Indian Students Association (TISA) – India

I was present for the second session at 03:45 PM, and during that, I got an opportunity to witness and document several photos of each performance. Below are some highlights of the performances, you can view the complete albums of each of the performances by clicking on the titles, they will redirect you to the Google Drive Folder for each performance. There’s also a ZIP Archive available in each folder, to make life easier for you for downloading them.

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#01 Classical Folk Dance – India

This was a performance of a South Indian Classical Dance form called ‘Bharathanatyam’ (Wikipedia Page). It is a pure classical peacock dance form. that expresses the beauty of peacock in a dance form as if the peacock would’ve come to life as a woman. It was performed solo by a student from UNC Charlotte of Indian Origin.

#02 Iranian Student Organization – Iran

This was a solo female performer from the Iranian Student Organization at UNC Charlotte (Facebook Page), from the nation of Iran, expressing some elegant and gracious dance moves during the performance.

#03 Charlotte Arirang – South Korea

Charlotte Arirang is a South Korean Dance Group performing the traditional Korean Dance form on the Korean folk song Arirang (Wikipedia Page), considered to be the Anthem of Korea.

#04 Rikudey Charlotte Israeli Dance – Israel

Rikudey Charlotte is an Israeli Dance Group that performed a traditional Israeli Folk Dance form as a group (Wikipedia Page).

#05 SocaFit USA™ – Caribbean Culture

SocaFit USA™ Charlotte is a Charlotte-based Dance Group originating from the Caribbean Islands. They performed a dance form native to the Caribbean Islands region from Central America.

#06 Armenian Cultural Association of the Carolinas – Armenia

This performance was from a group of young female performers originating from the nation of Armenia, from a group named the Armenian Cultural Association of the Carolinas (Facebook Page). They had two performances subsequently, displaying two different forms of dance.

#07 Ekush – Bangladeshi Student Organization at UNCC – Bangladesh

Being from India, the neighboring country of Bangladesh and having shared a common ancestral heritage in the almanacs of history, I believe we share a lot of cultural similarities between bot j of our nations.

This performance was from the Bangladeshi Student Organization at UNCC, named Ekush (Facebook Page), involving both male & female performers dancing on a folk dance art form from Bangladesh.

#08 Palestinian Cultural Organization – Palestine

This was an all-female performance done by students from the Palestinian Cultural Organization of Charlotte (Facebook Page)

#09 Triveni Indian Students Association (TISA) – India

I’ve been a volunteer for the Triveni Indian Students Association (Facebook Page), since the day I arrived in Charlotte, and in the States. I have been immensely grateful and proud to be a member of it throughout my time in the United States. Having been a long-running part of the team, the primary photo-shoot was TISA’s performance for me, and as such, I made a separate blog post for that performance. Clicking on the #09 title above this will redirect you to that blog post I made especially for TISA’s performance at this year’s IFest. Some glimpses of that follow below.

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