About Me

Hello. Hola. Bonjour. nuqneH. Howdy. Salve. Guten Tag. Namaste. Kem Cho.

The author says hello to the reader in languages that he apparently knows how to say hello in. He also likes writing in third person, it seems.

If you landed here, you either probably hit a wrong link or are genuinely interested in knowing more about Vedant. Keep reading for the latter part.

Let’s get started. If what he says is to be believed, Vedant is a Mechanical Engineer by study discipline, but he is known more for his love of DIY Electronics and tiny little geeky stuff. And notoriously for his passion for photography. A little eccentric when it comes to building things out of scratch and random stuff lying around, he seems to have built a few projects, which he plans on writing a detailed blog about someday.

He doesn’t proclaim it outright, but he is a huge fanboy of Nikon DSLRs over any other brands, and Sigma ART Series Lenses over any OEM lenses. Camera Geek, you bet.

Alas, he is also a lazy bum, on top of that. We’ll have to wait for his ‘someday’ to become today. But as he always says, “I am working on it.”

On the professional side, he loves to work with Automation Projects, comprising not just home automation over IoT, but also industrial automation projects using one of his favorite software, LabVIEW by National Instruments. He sincerely believes and follows the next big revolution to be INDUSTRY 4.0. If sources are to be trusted, we are already in the midst of revolution.

A maker by heart, he was blessed with an opportunity to work at the Rowe Arts Digital Fabrication lab at UNC Charlotte, where he worked for more than a year & half, making a lot of constructions and ideas using 3D Printers & Laser Cutters, as well as teaching more people how to use them. The Laser Cutter was sheer love of him during his time over there.

He also met a lot of interesting & engaging people while studying for his Master’s degree & working at UNC Charlotte as well as while working at TE Connectivity in a Co-op, as well as a short internship at a startup named Integral Analytics LLC in Charlotte. A lot of helpful teachings were gained that would guide him through his journey ahead in life, he says.

Oh, and yes, he unconditionally loves to travel, and always prefers road trips over travelling in flights. If rumors are true, he has been planning an east/west coast to west/east coast cross-country trip for a long time. And he is super goofy about things to do during that trip.

Did you read all the way? That is awesome!

To take time out to read all of the gibberish he writes, Vedant is superlatively glad of you, and heartily thanks you for doing that. Cheers to Life!

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